Our Story

Welcome to Julz Insight, a Nairobi-based tech firm dedicated to crafting impactful cutting-edge tech solutions that solve complex challenges. We harness the power of technology, analytical thinking, and data-driven strategies to make the next level of solutions designed bespoke for your business or brand.

Our Mission - We strive to empower businesses, helping them navigate complex challenges and drive digital transformation with cutting-edge technology.

Our Vision - We aspire to be recognized pioneers, trailblazers, visionaries and thought leaders, leading in the frontier of Technology, Innovation, and Sustainability. To achieve this we focus on building impactful cutting-edge products & solutions using Tech, Copy and Design. We continue to do so as we build our vision of a tech-empowered world.

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Our solutions and services

Managed Open Source Software Solutions

We streamline open-source software for clients. We handle hosting, customization, and ongoing management. Our experts tailor the software to fit unique needs, ensuring security, compliance, and optimal performance. Whether it is the following or other bespoke open-source software solutions. We’ve got your back.

  • Private Cloud and Office Suite
  • Streamlined Document Workflow
  • Electronic Document Management and Going Paperless
  • Automated Accounting and Human Resources
  • Threat Detection, and Security Monitoring
  • and more

Tech Solutions

We offer various tech solutions, including but not limited to web development and design, managed software solutions, business process automation, enterprise software solutions, ICT equipment supply, RPA, cloud, SEO, landing pages, sales funnel building, and AI. Our goal is to leverage tech in empowering businesses.

  • Web Development and Design
  • Business Process Automation
  • Enterprise Software
  • Managed Software
  • Managed Cloud
  • and more


Our projects, case studies, and internal products

The Team

Stephen Ajulu

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hello, my name is Stephen, it’s nice to meet you! Welcome to Julz Insight.

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